Lectures & Moderation

Marije Balt is an inspiring lecturer, (key note) speaker and moderator, enjoying interaction with the audience and spurring lively debates. She lectures at several universities on political science, international relations, security and development.
SpringFactor provides tailor-made courses and presentations built on lessons learnt from nearly 20 years of peacebuilding experience, both in policy and practice. These are continuously adapted to new insights from the field (through our project development branch) and from academic and policy sectors (through our policy research branch).
We introduce university students to key concepts and problems related to working on peace and conflict issues and provide them with the skills to effectively analyze conflicts and search for workable solutions. Lectures address the latest theoretical insights, but also include interactive simulations in order to add a practical aspect to the student’s academic training.

What we offer:

We contribute to the success of your event as a (key note) speaker, chairperson or moderator

We provide tailor-made courses for universities and institutions.

Topics include:
Peacebuilding, fragile states, conflict, international security, international organisations, working and living in Africa, the potential of young entrepreneurship, global citizenship, diplomacy and social entrepreneurship.

Please check our lecturer speaker moderation portfolio. For more information and to discuss your needs, please email our agent for speaker and moderation services Mrs Marga Miltenburg: info@zijspreekt.nl

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