Spark director
YANNICK DU PONT, director Spark: "Marije is an innovative, creative and hands-on professional, with a true entrepreneurial spirit translated in SpringFactor. She helped Spark's staff find ways to operate effectively in the most complex environments. Equipped with both analytical and pragmatic skills, she proved capable of developing successful concepts and ideas, initiating projects and building support bases to launch these, like in Mali. Spark also appreciates her as an excellent trainer and moderator as well as effective matchmaker in the fields of peacebuilding and conflict prevention. Her reliability and openness to feedback make her a great partner to work with."
LAETITIA VAN DEN ASSUM, currently Ambassador at Netherlands embassy London managed Marije at Royal Netherlands Embassy, Kenya: Working with Marije Balt is always rewarding. She pairs strong analytical skills with a pragmatic attitude. This helps her to find a way forward in the complex situations associated with conflict prevention and resolution. She is a team player who is known for her high personal integrity. Her wide experience has served her well and the proposals she presents are usually refreshingly innovative. She never ceased to amaze me. And in addition to all that she also has a great sense of humor!
Head of training department
PIET BOERING, Chief Training Department of CIMIC Center of Excellence:
CCOE executes courses for military and civilian participants from all over the world. In our high-level courses we dedicate time to the mission and tasks of military entities after a crises period in an area or country: we focus on development and good governance. Due to her extensive experience in the civilian world and with foreign affairs and the military, Marije is THE Subject Matter Expert for us, showing the training audience the other side of working together - the comprehensive approach - in a peace support situation. Her interactive work with the students always makes them work harder achieving the best outcomes and better insights in all factors relevant to the problems. Her recent work in Libya and Mali provide the students with relevant examples.
Special Envoy
JAIME DE BOURBON PARME, currently Special Envoy Natural Resources at Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs, was a colleague as Senior Policy Officer, Crisis Management and Peacekeeping Operations, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Netherlands: Marije Balt is an outstanding diplomat, specialized on conflict management and with in-depth knowledge of fragile states, particularly in Africa and the Balkans. I worked with her on several occasions, also in Kosovo. She was able to question all assumptions and propose creative solutions. She is hands on and concrete. She has humor and knows how to present arguments. Combined with her networking skills and strong drive, she makes good things happen.
Commander Dutch army
JACO BROSKY, currently Commander at the Netherlands army, then Deputy Project Leader Project COMMON EFFORT, 1 (GE/NL) Corps worked with Marije at Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Netherlands: "During the set up and execution of Project Common Effort Marije showed her abilities to bridge the gaps between organisations and individuals. Her flexibility, devotion, people skills and ability to inspire enabled the steering committee of the project to integrate new ideas and get the commitment of various national and international partners."
Kenyan NGO
WYCLIFFE OUMA, Operations & Public Affairs Officer, Prehistory Club of Kenya. Worked with Marije at Royal Netherlands Embassy, Kenya: "Marije was very passionate about her work in Kenya. She used to analyse situations objectively and decisively. She was a very social person who interacted freely with people at all levels, all protocols observed. For that matter, I found working with her very interesting."