Our training services are built on lessons learnt from nearly 20 years of peacebuilding experience, both in policy and practice. Our courses continuously integrate new insights: both from the field (through our project development branch) and from peacebuilding research and policy development (through our policy research branch). They are focused on raising awareness on the complexity of the environment while at the same time finding practical and workable solutions applicable to your daily work.

What we offer:
We provide tailor-made courses for international organisations, companies, NGO's and governments.

We help your organisation operate more effectively in complex conflict-affected contexts by training staff how to mitigate risks and build on opportunities together with relevant actors.

Topics include:
conflict analysis, political risk and economic dimensions of peacebuilding
effective cooperation between different actors in post-conflict settings and how to work with governments, diplomats and the development sector.

Our method:
We combine knowledge sharing and skills training through realistic simulations and interactive exercises, with plenty of opportunity to reflect on your work and with a strong focus on improving your practice.

Please check our portfolio on training. For more information and to discuss your training needs, please email

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